cheese please

Salt Spring Island Cheese

If there really is a heaven, it surely serves Salt spring Island Cheese. Their handmade chevre is subtle in flavour, with just a hint of sour. Its texture is blissfully smooth, light and creamy. If pressed, I would have great difficulty choosing just one favourite variation….truffle, basil, lemon, peppercorn, garlic, chili….each one is to die for.

Salt Spring Island Cheese

We visited their Farm Shop and cheese making facility (which one can view from behind large glass windows) just as the first hunger pangs of lunchtime were making themselves known. They offer free tastings of the above mentioned varieties, as well as a few sheep cheeses. These beauties are all available for sale, alongside olives, locally made breads, tapenade, chocolate, and cold beverages. Peter, Neil and I purchased a fine selection to share. The shop's beautifully shaded courtyard made for a charming 'euro-esque' spot to nosh; they even provided us with the use of a wooden cutting board, locally made ceramic plates, good olive oil and cutlery. The only element sadly lacking was the availability of wine to accompany our picnic (B.C. liquor laws can really suck!). If they are ever able to overcome this obstacle, I would know then that I'd found heaven right here on earth.

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