fig fest!

Ripe Figs

My friends, Stephanie and Neil, are blessed with three gorgeous fig trees in their back yard. Being creative and generous folk, and also the loving parents of their one year old son, Costello; it would seem that they were inspired by their abundant harvest to arrange the following special gathering:


Sorry for the late notice....
(you just never know when these things will ripen)

Starting at 3 PM and onwards
Though a hard shut-down at 9:30 PM

Highly competitive kiddies' events in the afternoon
Sloppier adult antics as the day progresses....,

Figs for picking, and for eating
And leaves for sheltering the boastful
And lots of fig dishes
Heavy cheeses available to counter the fig factor

Come one, come all
But for the love of Buddha, PLEASE RSVP

-Neil + Stephanie + Costello

In turn, I was inspired to create a fig dish that would do justice to such soft, ripe, sweet, pink, juicy, sexy fruit. Many thanks to N + S for such a wonderful celebration of friends, food, drink....and summer.

Diane Thompson's Proscuitto Wrapped Figs

Proscuitto Wrapped Figs
(With Goat Cheese, Toasted Hazelnuts, and Black Pepper Honey Drizzle)

10 fresh figs; cut in half, lengthwise
10 thin slices of good proscuitto; cut in half, lengthwise
1/4 soft goat cheese
1/4 cup honey mixed with 1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper
3 tbsp crushed, toasted hazelnuts
2 tbsp olive oil

Wrap each half fig in a half strip of proscuitto. Put olive oil in large, flat pan that has been brought up to medium heat. Saute fig halves, face down until lightly golden brown. Gently turn them over and fry for another 3 minutes. Serve on large plate, flat side facing up. Put 1 tsp of goat cheese on each fig, then a light sprinkle of the hazelnuts. Drizzle lightly with peppered honey.

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