alabacore tuna recipe contest


I first mentioned ‘Iron Maiden Seafoods’ smoked albacore tuna as a suggested addition to a corn chowder recipe that I created back in July. I often purchase their fantastic products from the Trout Lake Farmers Market. When Gigi found out that I had mentioned their seafood in my blog, she asked me to extend an invitation to anyone interested in submitting an entry (there will be 4 categories, including one for children) to the ‘Nationwide Tuna Recipe Contest’. The aim of this contest is to “promote awareness of BC caught Albacore Tuna and to create a recipe book comprised of contest winners”. The contest begins September 1, 2007 and the deadline for all entries will be November 30, 2007.

Pacific Northwest caught migratory albacore tuna, which are caught as far south as San Diego and as far north as the Queen Charlottes, weigh an average of 15 lbs, as opposed to South Pacific caught albacore, which weigh an average of 150-200 lbs. A smaller fish means a lower mercury count, not to mention it is local, sustainable and very tasty.

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