feast of fields

YIKES! Too busy to blog these days. Darn it. Lots to say... No time to say it... I am literally on my way out the door, heading for a conference in Sorrento, B.C. The topic of this all weekend event is 'The Power of Food Systems: Forging Strong Relationships' (I'll explain later).

In the meantime, here are some photos I took last Sunday at 'Feast of Fields', hosted at the U.B.C. Farm. It was a fine way to savour the last days of the season; not to mention a bounty of fine food and drink. Presented by Farm Folk/ City Folk, this sumptious event "emphasizes the farm-to-plate connection". Fun and yum in the sun.


Laurie said...

Looks like it was a delicious day! I simply ADORE oven-dried and sun-dried tomatoes. (Which type are the ones in your picture?) I canned several jars of oven-dried tomatoes with thyme last season and gave them out as Christmas gifts.

global peasant said...

Sorry, Laurie...I don't know what kind of tomatoes those were. The chefs were so smokin' busy that day. Those particular ones were being served by John Bishop of "Bishop's Restaurant". He is a veteran, very well respected restauranteur in Vancouver; one of the first to promote and support local, organic food sources in our city. (he has also put out a few cookbooks)