revolucion day

I was fortunate enough to be visiting the small beach town of Sayulita on November 20, the date when Mexico celebrates the anniversary of its Revolucion which first began back in 1910. It is rare that I share an experience here at gp that is not completely food focused, but this day is very important and very special to the Mexican people. And, holy Virgin of Guadalupe....was it ever a fiesta! I wish I had a recording to share with you. The live music that day was incredible, busting out with trombones, tubas, trumpets, clarinets and drums. The entire town showed up to celebrate and to cheer on (or to be a part of) a long parade as it snaked its way through the narrow streets. I was elated to trail at the back of the parade, at one point finding myself sandwiched between the live musicians and men on horseback. Click here to see more photos.

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