tuesday market

The next stop on my Mexico trip was San Miguel de Allende. This scenic interior town can be reached from Puerto Vallarta by bus; about a 12 hour ride north east via Guadalahara (I opted for the the 'overnight' time slot, so as not to lose a precious vacation day to travel time). I've enjoyed visits to SMA in the past, but this time I had an extra incentive to go; my friends Martial, Tara and her daughter, Maxine are living there these days. They are renting a house, working (Tara is a jewellery designer and Martial is a scientist, able to work remotely from his laptop, and Maxine attends a 'Waldorf' private school), befriending the locals, speaking excellent Spanish, driving through the cobblestone streets on their scooters and motorcycles, and living the life. I believe it is always a bonus to visit a place when you have friends already living there. Tara and Martial were fantastic hosts, really showing me a great time and sharing many of the wonderful things SMA has to offer.

One day Tara took me to the Tuesday Market, located just a short drive out of town, next to Plaza Real de Conde. I was keen to go, as I am a big fan of markets and any place selling used....anything. This sprawling open air flea market takes place all day every....you guessed it, Tuesday. You can buy everything here from fresh fruits and vegetables to used shoes and clothing, pirated c.d.s, expired license plates, chicken feet, bicycle repair parts, puppies, fish and meat. The market proved to be a super fun way to spend a few hours, ending with a delicious shared lunch of fresh batter-fried fish served with crunchy corn chips, fresh salad and lots of hot sauce. All that shopping can really make a gal hungry.

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SexyMigou said...

the way you describe it I wish I had been with you in San miguel de allende
Lovely words as usual
Mil besos