culinary school- week 6 (mid point)

Rebecca Robbins

The fabulous, lovely and very missed Rebecca Robbins
(February 18, 1968 - February 4, 2007)

I have chosen to dedicate week 6 to the loving memory of a dear friend, Rebecca Robbins. Never one to put off following her desires or her dreams…. an exhibited ceramic artist, devoted mother of two, world adventurer and creative spirit, she was also a tireless cheerleader to friends and family. In fact, I believe that my decision to attend culinary school was largely influenced by knowing that she would have encouraged me to do so. Wholeheartedly. There I was, still able to choose to pursue something when all of her choices had been taken away. Diagnosed with cancer in the early summer of 2006, her challenging journey that followed was one full of more beauty and richness than I ever would have thought possible. She was a gracious, wise, inspiring, brave and truly generous human being, one whose great qualities only shone brighter as the days passed.

rebecca robbins artwork
A preliminary drawing for one of her art pieces.

rebecca robbins

One of her exhibited pieces.

Losing Rebecca continues to be a profound and challenging journey. This week’s tribute (and one year anniversary) is an opportunity to grieve and to celebrate....just how wonderful it is to have known her and to have had her for a friend. Somehow I am able to miss her less when I hold her near. She is survived by sons Sol (7), Louis (3) and her partner, Len. Blessed am I to know them and love them as family.

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