culinary school- week 12- (138 lbs)

For those of you keeping track- I was a no-show for week 11. But I have a good reason; sick as a dog with that ass-kicking flu which is doing the rounds. Without getting into too much detail....let's just say that there were a few days there where standing upright was not an option and everything hurt, even my eyelashes and my finger nails. Anyhoo, I am on the mend and have decided to focus my energy more towards recovery and less towards the pity party I hosted for myself over the last week and a half. Besides, it wasn't all bad. I lost 3 lbs.

So, what did I miss at school? More than I am comfortable with. We move so quickly and cover so much material, even missing one day is a big deal. I shivered on my sofa through 2 days of French classics, plus 3 days of Asia week.


Oh, and on a side note....a location scout came knocking on our door last Thursday. He informed me that he would like to use our house to shoot a Viagra commercial. Providing the director likes the house as much as he does, we could actually make some cash!! Though I can't help but wonder....what makes our house 'Viagra worthy'? Does the site of it conjure up feelings of endurance and virility? Or does it remind one of erectile disfunction? I guess it doesn't really matter, just so long as it pays well.

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