culinary school- week 14- (138 lbs)

Really down to the home stretch now....

Pastry 3

Industry Day (Guest Speakers)

Final Theory Review

Final Theory Exam (3 hours in morning)
Final Practical Exam Prep (afternoon)

Day off (coming in on Sunday, instead)

One of our assignments for Pastry 3 was to make a 'Genoise Cake with a German Butter Cream Icing'. An additional component to this excercise was to construct 'coronets' (parchment paper piping bags which we filled with melted chocolate) in order that we could practice decorating our cakes with text and drawings. Chef Ian was clear in his instructions: no licking of spoons or fingers, and no inappropriate language on our cakes.

My classmate Jowen, though never one for profanity, definitely errs on the side of mischievous. The parameters of Chef Ian's assignment evidently inspired him, as illustrated by his birthday cake (below).

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