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I've been a pretty lame blogger these last few weeks. With culinary school complete and my schedule my own again, I've been luxuriating in returning to my previous lifestyle; one where I am the driver of my own bus. The timetable, routes, road conditions and fellow passengers vary daily....keeping me both stimulated and inspired....reconnected with family and friends, participating in more cultural events, wearing clothes that actually make me look and feel like a girl (instead of the asexual polyester uniform I'd been sporting 5 days a week since January 2) and cooking in my own kitchen. Soon enough, it will be time to start the next chapter of my culinary journey. It is going to take some time to make sense of school. What have I learned and how will I apply it? I am confident that, in time, the answers will reveal themselves. For now, life is rich and spring is here.

My lunch....Ham & Pea Soup, Spinach Salad and Sauerkraut ($1.75)

Last Wednesday I popped by to volunteer for a day shift at Carnegie Centre (something I used to occasionally do about a year and a half ago). Located on the corner of Main and Hastings on Vancouver's lower east side, Carnegie serves as an invaluable resource to its largely low income and often marginalized community. Located on the historic building's second floor (built in 1903), their kitchen and dining area serve some 400-600 clients 365 days a year. The food program relies largely on help from the clients themselves, offering food coupons in exchange for completed kitchen shifts, which can later be redeemed for in-house meals. The food is fresh, healthy, affordable and very tasty. Wonderful food for the people, by the people. It was great to be back and see so many friendly, familiar faces.

Sean's Cookin' Clogs.

Lemon & Mint Water + Fresh Salad....both 'a la Mike'.

Roasted Mushroom, Pepper & Artichoke Salad.

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