dai due supper club

dai due supper clubdai due supper club.

Photos by Leslie Nowlin

One of the best ways to elevate an already beautiful meal is to eat it outside (assuming that the elements are cooperating, of course). Dining alfresco is an opportunity to honour our good fortune with those we care about, as well as those we have just met. To enjoy our daily bread in a natural environment connects us to where many of our meal's ingredients came from in the first place and also adds greatly to the sensual, communal experience of dining well.

So I was super keen to learn about Austin's monthly 'Dai Due Supper Club'.... and equally bummed to realize that none of its outdoor dates lined up with the window of my visit. Started two years ago by chef Jesse Griffiths and Tamara Mayfield, Dai Due's menus focus on fresh ingredients from local farmers and vendors, with Griffith doing most of the cooking on an outside grill. These 'travelling dinner parties' change venues each month. A meal served at settings such as Rain Lily Farm or Boggy Creek Farm would include many ingredients fresh from its own garden, trees or hen house. Dinners are $75 per person, B.Y.O.B. and, as in so many places in Austin, play live music!

Dai Due also offers some interesting looking seasonal classes "for people who are ready for a more in-depth look at our local food possibilities. We offer hog butchering classes in the Fall; guided tours of local chicken farms; and fishing trips to local rivers, where you will learn how to catch and prepare fish." For those looking for a less 'in-depth' experience, they also provide catering services and will deliver prepared dinners for up to 8 people. To learn more about Dai Due Supper Club check out this article written by Jessica Dupuy for the May issue of Tribeza magazine.

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