korea nite @ jang mo jib

When eating at any busy Asian eatery in my hometown....I must admit that I take secret delight when noticing that I am one of the only round eyes in the room. Such a realization usually makes me feel as though I am on vacation somewhere far from home, and I tend to let my imagination run with it....enjoying an exotic adventure without the costly 17 hour flight and accompanying jet lag. My friend, Pedro , and I found just such a place last Sunday night. Owned and operated by the Moon family, Jang Mo Jib offers up spicy, authentic dishes that are fresh, healthy and homemade. The mother runs the kitchen while the father takes care of the floor and the business end of the operation. Both their son and daughter are also involved. Located at the foot of Vancouver's Robson Street, this three block stretch of the city has become well populated with a generous presence of Korean eateries. Click here to learn more about the Moon family's restaurant business from the 'Eating Global Vancouver' student film series.

Left: GAHL BEE SAL BOOL GO GEE- Korean style B.B.Q. beef short rib meat with house special B.B.Q. sauce. Right: KIM CHEE SOON DOO BOO- kimchi, radish, onion, green onion, egg and beef tofu in a clay hot pot.

HAE MOOL PAHJUN- Assorted seafood, green onion and crab meat Korean style pancake.

All entres are served with complimentary steamed rice plus a wide assortment of in-house fermented vegetables such as cabbage (kimchi), potato, seaweed and bean sprouts with carrots. Prices are affordable. Pedro and I dined on all that you see (with loads of leftovers) for $43 before beer. Jang Mo Jib also has two other locations; one on Kingsway in Vancouver and the other in Richmond.

Curtains outside the restrooms.

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vegetablej said...

Oh my gosh! It's not vegetarian but that pancake looks incredible. Wonder where I can find a recipe?