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It was during my last visit to Salt Spring Island in July of 2007 that I first met Tony DePasquale, the talent and force behind Bloom Breads. Since then his partner, Helen Mears, had decided to create an island business of her own. Before the couple moved from Vancouver to Salt Spring, Helen had enjoyed 17 years as owner and operator of Mecca, a successful consignment clothing store located on Commercial Drive. Her extensive experience in retail certainly came in handy when she began directing her creative energies and business savvy towards a different kind of venture.....Cafe Talia. Located in the heart of Ganges in the original Salt Spring Telephone Exchange, this sweet little spot combines a casual European flair with a kicked back West Coast vibe. But it certainly didn't look that way when Mears took over the lease just 8 months ago. At the time the renovation began, the floors were mud, the building's exterior was covered in bramble bushes and the functioning indoor plumbing was a thing of the past. Today its bright and airy interior is decorated with bistro-style furnishings, a vintage chandelier and original art by Ian Thomas. Umbrella covered tables provide extra outdoor seating for those wishing to sip and nibble alfresco. Cafe Talia serves its customers beautifully barista-ed Ethical Bean coffees, fresh sandwiches and, of course, lots of delicious fresh baked goodies from Bloom Breads. Also available is a selection of Vij's take home Indian food, a perfect dinner alternative for locals, campers and boaters who are not in the mood to cook. Cafe Talia is located at 122 Hereford Ave., Salt Spring Island.

Cafe TaliaCafe TaliaCafe TaliaCafe Talia

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Adrian said...

Such a wonderful and welcome review of this oasis on Salt Spring! I live on SSI and, too, appreciate all that Helen and Tony have added to the variety of life here.

Talia, as you've described, has a sophistication - but it's not of the urban, slick, variety. Rather it's an aesthetic - a culture that rewards with good taste and honesty.

p.s. reading this has led me back to your earlier post on Bloom Breads - and smiling at the truth in your depiction of baker Tony D. nurturing his starter "with as much loving care and attention as though it were a first born child"

manga bane!!