rub a dubb dubb

Tub of fresh basil

It has been my experience that farmers are generous folk, as confirmed last night during a get together with my friends Katy and Gabriel of Sapo Bravo Organics. As we prepared to part ways for the evening, Gabriel offered to give me some produce left over from that day's Farmers Market. Of course I gratefully accepted. After rushing out of the restaurant to their delivery truck he returned with an enormous plastic bag full of assorted fresh and aromatic beauty. Its contents consisted of cucumbers, peaches, plums, heirloom tomatoes and so much basil....even after I gave some to our waitress, the people sitting at the table next to us plus their waitress, my roommate's girlfriend's business partner, my hairdresser....the next morning I still had a bathtub full of basil (good thing I cleaned my bathroom yesterday). Nine salad spinners full later, there was still more basil then I knew what to do with. It was time to call for back up. My friend Linda came to the rescue and collected half, which she planned to make into a whack of pesto. I opted to do the same with my remaining herbage....good thing I have a freezer. PestoMix anyone?

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