them tomaydas!

home grown tomatoes

What you are looking at is my very first successful attempt at growing food. Two months ago I brought home 3 little tomato plants and plopped them into a container along with some potting soil and a large heaping of hope. Despite the fact that I had (unknowingly) crammed them into far too small a space for the amount of real estate that they would eventually require, they have grown beautifully. Each time I walk by them I am as pleased and proud as a new parent, feeling a sense of awe and wonder for their progress and for the miracle of life. Tonight I plucked the first few ripe ones, to eat with a simple salad. They were so incredibly sweet and flavourful, as if someone had taken a syringe and injected a fantastic salad dressing right into their centres. To say that I am encouraged would be an understatement.

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EvieG said...


Dayummmm, them looks real good! And so does your blog! Interesting, entertaining and looks like yummy food...gonna try that pie recipe this weekend, fo' sure!

Thanks and keep it up!