strings attached

global peasant apron- strings attached

Some of you may have noticed that, lately, I've been somewhat apron obsessed. Yesterday I submitted to jury an 'apron art piece'. 'Strings Attached' is a "mixed media exhibition on the theme of aprons" to be mounted on February 24-March 16, 2009 at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver. Mediums accepted include painting, drawing, collage, photography, ceramics, printmaking, short film, jewellery, poetry, textiles, sculpture, wood and metal. I was very happy when I received word today that my (fabric and paper) submission had been accepted.

global peasant apron- strings attached

Above: My Grandma T's recipe cards are top stitched to the bottom of the apron .....recipes for dishes such as 'Yorkshire Pudding' and 'Pickled Cherries'.

The premise of this piece is to explore the complex and inevitable combining of our faltering economy, a new public awareness of our (mostly centralized) food sources, a greater need to practice frugality and a timely return to the domestic arts. It also implies that 2009 will very likely be a year when our culture continues to revisit aspects of earlier eras such as the 40's, when it was common place to grow and cook much of one's own food and also to eat from more local and seasonable food sources.


vegetablej said...

Beautiful and timely piece and I love the connections to cooking and your grandmother!

Sure hope we get back some of the good things from the past, like frugality rather than runaway consumerism, home cooking rather than processed, and more time with family rather than overworking.

I'd like better government too, but that seems like pie-in-the-sky these days. :)

diane thompson said...

i couldn't agree more, vegetablej.....guess it is time for us to become the change that we seek.