porridge- hawaiian style

Hawaiian style porridge

Homemade porridge, Hawaiian-style.

Without getting into too much of a ranty pants, the restaurant experience on Hawaii’s big island blows harder than the local trade winds. Meals are not only consistently poor, they are really pricey. I am known to be a woman who enjoys her food (especially when on vacation). I can't remember the last time that I returned home from a holiday critical of my culinary experiences in a foreign land.

Anyhoo….. on the upside, I was very fortunate to be staying with my family in a seaside condo that included a full working kitchen. We gave up on restaurant dining at the end of day 3, instead opting to do for ourselves. Though almost all grocery items are imported from the mainland (including produce plus a good deal of the fish and seafood), we were still able to prepare tasty meals..... even supplementing our larder with fresh ingredients from local farmers markets. But buyer beware- there are vendors at some of these markets selling products shipped in from off-island. You have to ask where their products came from if buying local is important to you.

The Holualoa Farmers Market on Saturdays (9:00 am - noon) seemed the most authentic that we saw. It was here that I picked up a jar of the most amazing raw honey I have ever had. Made from Christmas berries, its sweet, thick, creamy amber goodness was heavenly served on pretty much anything. The woman who sold it to me keeps the bees herself, reusing the same queen from batch to batch- unlike the usual practice, which is to start with a fresh queen each time. The finished product proved especially sensational drizzled over Hawaiin-style porridge. The local pink grape fruit I purchased from the citrus vendor could not have been any fresher, juicier or prettier.

Fresh citrus at the Holualoa Farmers Market

A vibrant citrus selection at the Holualoa Farmers Market.

Porridge- Hawaiian-Style

Make your favourite porridge as you normally would, also adding ½ tsp of cinnamon and ½ cup of raisins. When porridge is ready, spoon into bowls. Top with:

-a drizzle of good honey
-fresh pineapple pieces
-fresh banana slices
-toasted coconut
-toasted macadamia nuts

Add milk or yogurt, as you like. Serve and enjoy, preferably al fresco..... while looking at the ocean and wearing no shoes.

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