french bistro and cinema night

Diane Thompson and Pierre

Moi et Pierre (A.K.A. Peter P.) getting ready to serve our dinner guests.

Last Sunday brought with it an opportunity for my good pal, Peter and I to create and serve a French themed meal for 8. 'French Bistro & Cinema Night' was a belated birthday gift from both of us to our (French Canadian) bon ami, Michel Laflamme. The featured Beef Bourguignon recipe is a concocted combo of components I had borrowed from 4 different recipes. Note that making this dish a day ahead increases the flavour and allows you to greet your guests without reeking of just-fried bacon and onions. The menu went as follows and I dare say that our meal was outstanding (though half of our guests were dozing off into a food coma shortly after the movies started rolling, myself included):

To Start:
Mimosa Salad. Click here for recipe.

Beef Bourguignon with Mashed Potatoes. Click here for recipe.

Half Baked Chocolate Cake with Fresh Orange Cream

To Drink:
Lots of Red Wine and not nearly enough water

That Man From Rio /w. Jean-Paul Belmondo
Pierrot le Fou /w. Jean-Paul Belmondo

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