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Gorilla Foods- photo from Vancouver Sun (March 11, 2009)

Gorilla Foods -photo from Vancouver Sun (March 11, 2009)

No one loves the warming, nurturing properties of winter’s comfort foods more than I do. But eventually, it comes time to look forward to a new season of menus and ingredients. What with Spring’s late arrival this week, it is finally time to start looking forward to enjoying some fresh, crispy, clean and locally driven fare.

A visit to Vancouver’s Gorilla Foods yesterday provided just such an experience…..a teaser, a trailer for the good things to come. (Click here to read a recent Vancouver Sun review) With a menu selection focused exclusively on raw, organic, vegan, live foods- any choice is sure to be a healthy one. My friend, Robert and I both decided on the ‘Veggie Burger’ (mixed nut and seed patties topped with ginger tomato sauce, guacamole, and brightly coloured grated vegetables. In lieu of a bun, ruffled lettuce leaves provide both plume and flourish). The plates arrived at our table looking more ‘Vegas showgirl’ than ‘burger’, but were very tasty, none the less. Their pizza selection also looks very appealing and I am looking forward to sampling one or two, come my next visit.
Gorilla Foods is located at 101 - 436 Richards St.

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Tuco said...

ahhh... if only I were a veggie in vancouver... that looks like a great restaurant!