30 day challenge

beloved market bag

I love my market bag. In fact, I love it so much that it has inspired me to create my own 30 day challenge; not to quit smoking, not to lose 10 lbs (but now that I mention it…), not to stop swearing (*%&#@ no!), but to not accept plastic bags with any purchases I make during the month of July. Even if I should get caught without and have to fill my arms full, spilling over with fresh produce, rice milk and tampons; then that will teach me to be more prepared next time. Our household shares three market bags which hang beautifully on our kitchen wall . I keep one in my car…yes I did say 'car'…I know, I know, one step forward, one step back. One small step for man, one giant leap for…..oh, nevermind.

Plastic bags are ugly; both for humans and the environment. At the time of this post, the estimated number of plastic bags consumed worldwide so far this year was 246,997,149,168 and counting. Reusable cloth bags are cool; again, both for humans and the environment. While visiting the Portobello West Market last weekend, I came across a beautiful line of reusable bags by Vancouver’s own Bring Your Own Bag. Made from 100% cotton, these eco-chic reusable cloth shopping bags "provide people with the best selection of reusable shopping bags that combine fashion, style, quality, and awarenes". I will be letting you all know how things went on August 1.

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