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Jack's cornmeal pancakes

As promised at the end of my bees, beards and bob blumerposting, here is my first ‘Honey Bee Festival’ inspired recipe to share. For this creation, I chose to use the earlier mentioned ‘burnt fireweed honey’. The carmelized flavour was perfection....

....When it comes to cooking, my dad is a purist. He has a small culinary repertoire, and he doesn’t mess with it. He does two things very well; three kinds of bread and two kinds of pancakes. When my sister and I were kids, he used to make our family his ‘cornmeal pancakes’ on Sunday mornings, but less all the fancy add-ons.

Jack’s Cornmeal Pancakes with Fresh Fruit & Honey

1 cup flour
½ cup cornmeal
½ tsp salt
1 ½ tsp baking powder
3 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 banana, thinly sliced

3 tbsp melted butter
1 ¼ cup milk
1 egg

In large bowl, combine all dry ingredients, plus the sliced banana. Then add milk, then the egg, then the melted butter. Combine all. Heat up fry pan at low-medium. Add 1 tbsp oil. Put pancake batter into hot pan, in whatever shapes and sizes you like. Cook about 4 minutes. Flip. Cook until bottom is slightly golden brown. (about 2 minutes)


2 cups fresh, sliced strawberries
1 cup fresh blueberries
2 tbsp fresh orange juice
1 tsp fresh lemon rind
2 cups yogurt, any kind
½ cup chopped, toasted almonds
1 cup good honey

Combine fruit, juice and lemon rind. Put a generous spoon of yogurt on each pancake. Top with a scoop of the fruit, then a good drizzle of honey, then a sprinkle of the nuts. Serves 4.

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