salt spring seeds

Salt Spring Seeds

No one would ever accuse Dan Jason, founder and operator of Salt Spring Seeds, of being a lazy man. When he’s not busy tending to the immediate demands of his farm, he can often be found writing another book or article, giving lectures at environmental and horticulture events around the province, or fulfilling his duties as a director of Canada's Heritage Seed Program, "a national network of organic growers dedicated to preserving our heirloom seeds". His mail order seed company, which he began in 1988, sells heirloom varieties of vegetables and high protein plants to countries all over the world; with the exception of the U.S., as they forbid his seeds from entering their country, claiming that they could ‘contaminate’ domestic crops.

Poppies @ Salt Spring Seeds

Located on Blackburn Road, right next door to the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, his farm truly is a place of beauty. On the hot July day we stopped by for a visit, Dan was too busy to play tour guide, but kindly allowed us to walk the land ourselves. How fortunate we were to spend a blissful hour mingling amongst the countless plant species and varieties which have put down their roots there.

I am grateful to people like Dan Jason, whose dedication and commitment today will surely make the world of tomorrow a much better place to live (and eat).

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