30 day challenge update

Caught Without My Marketbag (Photo: Tony Peneff)

I thought it was about time for an update regarding my 30 day challenge.You may remember….can I last 30 days without accepting plastic bags with any purchases I make during the month of July? Well, so far so good. Easy peasy. No problemo. It is simply a matter of habit, like brushing one's teeth or walking the dog. I have been caught without my market bag a few times, but it's really no big deal. I carry my purchases in my arms.....sin plástico.

My friend, Sue is living in Nairobi these days. When she read my blog entry, here is what she had to share......."Kenya has outlawed plastic bags - it's a 2,000 KSh fine ($35) if you are using one, so we are all walking around the streets of Nairobi carrying this ugly bright blue one someone made like we just got off a Carnival Cruise line tour. The handles are too short so you can't get it over your jumper and it's covered with white silk screened ads for computer stores and paint companies. Needless to say, I have sent a note to the Mayor." Sue is a firecracker, and a fashionable one, at that.

Anya Hindmarch Bag

Yesterday I happeneded upon a story at serious eats, talking about these $15 Anya Hindmarch cloth market bags that have completely sold out at Whole Foods in New York City. People had lined up all night to get their mitts on these super sought after fashion statements. Apparently, these bags have completely sold out in the U.S. (and are going for big bucks on Ebay) and nearly caused a riot in Hong Kong. This statement appears on Anya Hindmarch's site....."Due to the unprecedented demand for 'I’m Not A Plastic Bag' in South East Asia and our concerns for our customers safety we will be cancelling the launches at the following stores: Anya Hindmarch Beijing, On Pedder in Shanghai and On Pedder in Jakarta" I SO don't get it! Oh well......if all those whacked fashion sheep actually USE them in place of plastic and awareness is raised regarding this issue, then I guess it's progress.

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