notch hill organic farms

My visit to the conference in Sorrento also included a visit to Notch Hill Organic Farms. Owned and operated by Sue Moore, it is one more glowing example of the beauty and abundance so many of our farmers are creating to share with us, and to feed us. It was a hot and sunny afternoon the day we toured her land, getting a glimpse into just how hard one must work to succeed at such a demanding (and rewarding) lifestyle.

Walking the land with Sue (far left).

Red sun chokes. Most of this crop is grown for restaurants who request and appreciate such unique ingredients.

Orders written up at the packing house. The 'Heidi' order (for Chef Heidi Fink) was used that same evening to become appetizers for our conference's wrap up party.

My dirty foot.

Clean feet.

The strong, silent type.

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