jamie oliver

Normally, I am not someone who is interested in hearing about other peoples dreams (the sleeping kind), nor in sharing my own. But last night I dreamed that Jamie Oliver gave me the most brilliant hand massage I've ever had. Lets just leave it at that.


Laurie Gauguin said...

You know, I always thought of Jamie Oliver as a goofy-looking oddball, but that photo says something much different (especially with what's written on his t-shirt!).

I'm going to have to change my previous opinion of him, especially after reading one of his cookbooks this summer at a friend's house; I like his style.

global peasant said...

For more of his likable style, chef out his latest t.v. show "Jamie At Home".


gitte axen said...

would you say, that he gave you "a hand job"?

dreamy, indeed