miss edna lewis

edna lewis

I always cry when I run across Edna Lewis. I don’t know why, exactly. She just moves me. Her authentic southern style cooking was down home, honest, from the heart and from the hip. Born and raised in Freetown, Virginia, she shared her culinary roots with such grace, pride and elegance.

I first encountered her some 6 months ago when I came across one of her cookbooks The Taste of Country Cooking. Its cover features the very same photo you see above. Her quietly commanding portrait stopped me in my tracks; clearly a regal and gracious woman. Her relationship to food was so richly connected to the cultural history it continues to represent. Miss Lewis died February 13, 2006.

Click here, to view 'Fried Chicken & Sweet Potato Pie'.

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vegetablej said...

I can see why she makes you cry.

Lovely, lovely video which is, I think, as much as a history of that time in America, a kind of love story. The older cook teaching the young man, both passionate about cooking and sharing southern roots, and the lovely friendship that evolved between them. One of the best life stories I have ever watched and so touching, the devotion of the young man who shared her last years with her, his best teacher.

It is so special that I am showing it in my adult English class next week. I'm really looking forward to the discussion afterwards.

Thank you; I would never have found it without you!:)