pollos asada

Pollos Asada (grilled chicken) is one of those meals that will forever remain one of my all time favourite food memories. From what I can tell, this item is usually served only on Domingo (Sunday), which is also known in Mexico as family day. Ten years ago, my dad and I took a bus trip to Sayulita, arriving just in time to meet the dusty heat of midday and to see the women who had set up in the street under makeshift tarps, cooking half chickens over smoking grills made from vertically split oil drums. Served with potatoes and salad, this simple meal was so flavourful, so tasty and such a warm welcome for two hungry travellers. Real Mexican comfort food. Then the tarp came down and everyone went home....until next Sunday.

This last trip I arrived back in Sayulita on a Sunday morning. When I inquired to one of the locals, I was assured that Pollos Asada would be cooked and available later that same day, Domingo.

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celticjig said...

Sayulita is one of my favorite places to go in Mexico, Barra de Navidad the other fav. Wish I could hop on a bus and get there!