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I clearly remember doing a workshop excercise which required me to identify who in my life I considered to be the most creative. Immediately, my friend Gitte came to mind. The glamour and style she draws from her skills and experience as a makeup artist combined with a fantastic eye, an abundantly creative spirit, and a consistent joie de vivre all make for a stylishly crafty gal who, in turn, makes living a full, artfully expressive and adventurous life look delightfully fun (and effortless). On the day of my last visit she was sporting a t-shirt that read I (heart) LIFE, was in the process of making hand cut leather tiaras (see above) and had just completed painting her sun deck bright pink (also see above).

I have been a huge fan of her photographs for years. In the last few weeks, a montage of her food photos have found themselves adorning her kitchen cupboards, documenting good eats she has enjoyed on recent travel adventures to Thailand, Mexico, and L.A., as well as here at home in Vancouver. Gitte explains that having these images in plain view inspires her when feeling peckish, encouraging her to take those extra few minutes to prepare something fresh, healthy and tasty......as opposed to her earlier habit of reaching for chips or crackers. She now keeps her kitchen well stocked with a constant supply of fresh avocados, greens, garlic, chiles and cashews, as well as orange mint, lemon balm and chives which come from her own indoor herb garden. She also keeps some good tequila on hand....for balance.

A simple dish of green mango, beef, lime, garlic and mint proved to be Gitte's 'culinary highlight' and most inspiring food photo during a recent trip to Thailand (at 'Fruit' Restaurant in the mainland village of Pai) Gitte Photo.

Mango Crepes. Gitte Photo.

Fresh caught fish poached in a spicy broth, served in a shack at Railey Beach, Thailand. Fellow diners included construction workers, rock climbers and a few flies. Gitte Photo.

Cupboards in Gitte's kitchen serve as both a photo gallery and culinary inspiration. Gitte photos.

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