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Barack Obama

Holy crap.....he won! I didn't dare dream he would seize victory as he did (though I prayed for it in a daily "Please, please I will never, ever swear again" sort of a way). The world has been watching.....and the world is thrilled for his victory. On November 4, Barack Obama united America through his eloquent words of inclusiveness and empowerment.

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Linda r said...

I am thrilled!!!! a true leader, that really cares about people, not an egomanic, interested in self power, this historic moment I will treasur forever... we are so blessed, our children will have a real furture, good preveils, who could imagine that our dreams could and have come true... I believe, I really beleive.... we can all help this wonderful man who exemplifies everything we beleive make a great differnce. For the first time in a long time there is real hope for a bright, bright future. Words cannot express the joy in my heart.. I see the world in real color now...