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I know it sounds lame, but I'm busier than stink these days. I don't expect any sympathy.....just trying to explain the sorry state of my blog entries of late. I actually have lots of great stuff to share, just as soon as the dust settles. In the meantime, I have decided to call on others to help out.....in the form of guest bloggers. It is with enormous gratitude and appreciation that I introduce today's virtual guest.....my super fabulous super fine friend, Cecilia Greyson. She is a self described "avid writer, bicyclist, and persimmon lover who lives in Vancouver and wishes that pineapples grew in her backyard."

Cecilia's Apple

Cecilia's apple photo- I love a guest who sends their own artwork!!!

"Simple pleasures. That's become my de facto motto of the moment, my mantra in a jumpy economic climate. Maybe I'm lazy, maybe I'm a lousy cook, but I can't help but celebrate my current mode of eating – a stripped down, bare bones, let 'er rip roots revival, delighting in the simplest pleasures that the planet has to offer, unadorned and unaltered.

This fall, I'm a happy resident of the Garden of Eden. (Or the Garden of Eating, depending on your viewpoint.) Autumn fruit is centre stage on my table, served without sugar, spice, pastry or pretence.

Organic apples are incredible, crisp and tart and sweet by turn, sliced with the peel in a bowl and eaten in chunks, juicy and satisfying. Soft orange persimmon flesh is spiced naturally with cinnamon-esque perfume, incredibly sweet on the tongue. Pomegranates, so hard to peel, are worth it for every lemon-tangy morsel rich with lipstick-pink juice. Grainy pears are sugar-sweet and fragrant, and grapes are simply divine: little round globes of pure honey, green and purple and red.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on something special. After all, what fancy restaurant would serve any dish this simple? But I keep coming back, having my fruit and eating it too, and enjoying the incredible variety we're given at this time of year. Yes, it's true: I do like them apples."- by Cecilia Greyson


Anonymous said...

Fruit is an earthly cornucopia of
delight. The friendship fruit salad that was made yesterday was satisfying, healthy and visually
spectacular. Loved reading your friend's mouthwatering descriptions of the bounty of fall fruits.

diane thompson said...

Hey Cecilia,

Check out the quote I just found:

"Write me down as one who loved poetry, and persimmons." - Shiki

xo gp